At the Movies

Sometimes we go to the movies. 30 times this year.

Once in a while we might hit a film festival.

Thumb 2x blade runner twenty forty nine ver3
10/16/17 Blade Runner 2049
10/01/17 Eat Drink Man Woman
10/01/17 Big Night
09/27/17 The Trip to Spain
09/24/17 Lucky
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11/11/17 Barbara
11/04/17 Spectre
10/13/17 Blade Runner
09/09/17 Nocturnal Animals
08/19/17 Split


Occasionally I'll crack open a book.

Thumb 2x tfoh ebook cover
11/07/17 The Fires of Heaven, Robert Jordan
10/03/17 1Q84, Haruki Murakami
08/22/17 Dark Matter, Blake Crouch
07/28/17 The Three-Body Problem, Liu Cixin
07/11/17 The Nix, Nathan Hill


Now and then we'll stream some jams.

Last month

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Messing around with Garageband, uploading to SoundCloud.

Thumb 2x the wrens
10/20/17 Happy (The Wrens cover)
08/22/17 Catch the Sun (Doves cover)
08/07/17 Because (Dave Clark Five cover)
07/07/17 The King Is Half-Undressed (Jellyfish cover)
06/29/17 Chain (Roma 79 cover)


Once in awhile we'll watch a real live band.

10/17/17 Pixies, Mitski Boulder, CO
08/11/17 Wilco, The New Pornographers, La Santa Cecilia Denver, CO
08/09/17 Spoon, Sweet Spirit Bellvue, CO
05/13/17 Son Volt, Sera Cahoone Boulder, CO
04/22/17 Silversun Pickups, Kiev Boulder, CO


I go to work an average of five days a week, traveling by various means.

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Here's some Instagram crap.

See also: flickr.

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NBA League Pass, for the Bulls.





Man about town

Sometimes I will remember to check in if we go somewhere.

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Things bookmarked on Pinboard.

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05/28/17 Every Color Of Cardigan Mister Rogers Wore From 1979–2001 Plus the R code that scraped the data


More crap that's not as easily categorized.

10/05/16 Ringtones for phones
10/04/16 Wilco t-shirts DIY-style
09/01/15 Smartphone usage A Public Service Announcement
05/15/14 VH HQ shirt Reversing the VH logo