Fri Oct 20 2017

Happy (The Wrens cover)

Cover of "Happy" by The Wrens, from the album The Meadowlands (2003).

Tue Aug 22 2017

Catch the Sun (Doves cover)

Cover of "Catch the Sun" by the Doves from the Lost Souls album (2000).

Mon Aug 7 2017

Because (Dave Clark Five cover)

Cover of "Because" by The Dave Clark Five (1964).

Fri Jul 7 2017

The King Is Half-Undressed (Jellyfish cover)

Cover of Jellyfish track "The King Is Half-Undressed" from the Bellybutton album (1990). Never knew this band or song until The Life and Times covered it.

Thu Jun 29 2017

Chain (Roma 79 cover)

Roma 79 cover from Praise the Divide album (2009)

Thu Jun 8 2017

Game of Pricks (Guided by Voices cover)

GBV cover from Alien Lanes (1995)

Thu Jun 1 2017

Superman (R.E.M. cover (covering The Clique))

Cover of R.E.M. (covering The Clique) from Lifes Rich Pageant (1986).

Thu May 25 2017

Skymade Suit (Motel Beds cover)

A cover of "Skymade Suit" by Motel Beds, from the Hasta MaƱana EP (2004).