Fri Jun 7 2024

The US doesn’t make bicycles anymore — here’s how to change that

Congressman Earl Blumenauer introduced a bill to suspend tariffs on e-bikes w...


Tue May 14 2024


is a pretty good blogging platform built by the good people at Good Enough.

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Mon Apr 15 2024

Is This the End for 'Bluey'?

The third-season episode ‘The Sign’ seems to point to an ending of sorts for ...


Fri Mar 15 2024

This Danish City is Giving Bikers the Green Light

In a pilot program underway in Aarhus, Denmark, cyclists are given RFID tags ...

denmark cycling traffic

Tue Nov 28 2023

Nom Nom Nom. What’s the Deal With Cookie Monster’s Cookies?

If you have ever wondered what the “Sesame Street” muppet is really eating, w...

cookies tv jimhenson

Mon Nov 20 2023

Aardman is about to run out of clay – now the Chicken Run creators face a crisis

The British animators weave magic out of sugar, foil and plasticine – but tro...

claymation aardman animation

Thu Jun 29 2023

2,200 Forgotten Vintage Computers Are Being Liberated From a Barn in Massachusetts

The NABU Network was an obscure, forgotten part of Canadian tech history—unti...

history computers canada ebay

Mon Apr 17 2023

How to Beat Roulette: One Gambler Figured It Out and Won Big



Wed Jan 11 2023

The Case for Abolishing Elections

They may seem the cornerstone of democracy, but in reality they do little to ...

politics elections democracy sortition

Wed Dec 7 2022

A $100 Billion Lesson In Why Building Public Transportation Is So Expensive in the US

There's a plan to spend $100 billion fixing the Northeast Corridor by 2035. S...

transit trains

Mon Aug 15 2022

The real reason American public transportation is such a disaster

Canada has twice as much transit as the US. Why?

transit gold

Wed Jun 1 2022

Bicycles Have Evolved. Have We?

From the velocipede to the ten-speed, biking innovations brought riders freed...


Thu May 26 2022

The origins of the beloved democracy sausage? It's a long-time love affair

Where did the (Australian) election staple, the democracy sausage, even come ...

food sausage elections austrailia

Fri Apr 17 2020

Why Michael Jordan's scoring prowess still can't be touched

Jordan thrived in ways and in places that few players before him could match,...

hoops mj goldsberry

Wed Feb 5 2020

How to end traffic

European cities offer a roadmap for life with fewer cars.

cycling traffic europe belgium netherlands bike

Wed Feb 5 2020

Mayor announces plans to make Paris 100 per cent cycle friendly by 2024

Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, has announced her plans to transform the st...

bike transit france paris

Wed Dec 4 2019

These Guys Just Drove an E63 AMG Across America in a Record 27 Hours 25 Minutes

The Cross-Country Cannonball Record has been broken again.


Mon Sep 23 2019

How tall is Joel Embiid: A Billy Penn Investigation

At games he's announced as 7'2" but the Sixers list him at 7'0". We need to f...

embiid hoops philly

Wed Aug 28 2019

The helicopter team that films the Tour de France is one of a kind

When filming this race, 500 feet is considered high altitude.

cycling tourdefrance videography

Fri Aug 9 2019

The story behind MLB's longtime mud suppliers

MLB still leans on its suppliers who harvest the secret sauce needed on every...

baseball mlm familybusiness mud

Fri Mar 29 2019

How to move a masterpiece: the secret business of shipping priceless artworks

What happens when a forklift goes through your Picasso?

art insurance museums

Fri Mar 29 2019

Berlin’s Radical Housing Activists Aren’t Afraid of Expropriations

Germany’s hippest city is debating whether to seize 200,000 homes from landlo...

berlin housing expropriation

Thu Mar 28 2019

This city bans cars every Sunday—and people love it

Spurred by environmental concerns, an experiment in Bogotá, Colombia, is spre...

bogota bike bicycle ciclovia

Fri Mar 15 2019

The ultimate guide to DuckDuckGo

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of DuckDuckGo around the web (and I’ve been ment...

duckduckgo privacy search web

Tue Jan 15 2019


A comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the st...

art drawing design reference dimensions

Mon Jan 7 2019

Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction awareness poster

art danko fb nose

Fri Dec 28 2018

Very Slow Movie Player

A film watched at 1/3,600th of the original speed is not just a very slow mov...

epaper diy raspberrypi video

Mon Dec 17 2018

Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro

Service or replacement for sticky MacBook keys

apple macbook keyboard

Tue Dec 4 2018

There’s an AI robot sulking in the international space station

CIMON, the floating voice assistant, was supposed to be a friend to astronaut...

ai space iss

Tue Nov 6 2018

Fold N Fly ✈

A database of paper airplane folding designs and instructions

paper airplanes print fold

Tue Oct 23 2018

Pictures at a Basketball Revolution

New technology could usher in a whole new way of watching the NBA, but how wi...


Wed Aug 15 2018

How Millennials Killed Mayonnaise

The inexorable rise of identity condiments has led to hard times for the most...

food mayo endtimes

Mon Feb 26 2018

Studies are increasingly clear: Uber, Lyft congest cities

One promise of ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft was fewer cars clogg...

uber lyft transit

Mon Feb 5 2018

How to Capture Brian Setzer’s Tone

Question: What do I need to sound like Brian Setzer? Answer: Decades of exper...

guitar goingdeep

Mon Dec 4 2017

Touch ID for sudo

Use your fingerprint to authorize sudo

panic mac terminal touchid nerdery apple

Mon Nov 20 2017

Making Your Own Discover Weekly

Python scripting for using machine learning to build a Spotify recommedation ...

spotify ai machinelearning python

Fri Nov 17 2017

That's Mr. Curry: Steph to teach online hoops

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry to teach online basketball classes f...

hoops stephcurry education school

Wed Oct 25 2017

RIP The Broccoli Tree

Internet kills a tree

instagram sweden tree photography

Tue Oct 17 2017

Tablature 101

Best in-depth explanation of guitar tablature I have ever seen. From the Joni...

guitar tab tablature music jonimitchell

Tue Oct 3 2017

If Only Non–Gun Owners Voted, HRC Would Have Won 48 States

If only.

guns electoralcollege insanity