At the Movies

Sometimes we go to the movies. 0 times this year.

Once in a while we might hit a film festival.

Thumb 2x holdovers xlg
11/22/23 The Holdovers
08/20/23 Oppenheimer
08/12/23 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem
05/06/23 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
03/10/23 Everything Everywhere All at Once
Thumb 2x let it be xlg
06/08/24 Let It Be
06/01/24 The Beach Boys
04/17/24 Barbie
03/16/24 American Fiction
03/09/24 Poor Things


Occasionally I'll crack open a book.

Thumb 2x 65650229. sx98
06/05/24 Wellness, Nathan Hill
05/30/24 The Lost Metal (Mistborn, #7), Brandon Sanderson
05/13/24 The Bands of Mourning (Mistborn, #6), Brandon Sanderson
05/07/24 Shadows of Self (Mistborn, #5), Brandon Sanderson
04/19/24 The Hero of Ages (Mistborn, #3), Brandon Sanderson


Some dumb stuff I did or tried to do.

Records 2019 - Hef and I made each other listen to crap.
No More Chief - RG and I stopped calling each other "chief."


Now and then we'll stream some jams.

Last month

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Once in awhile we'll watch a real live band.

04/21/24 Jeff Tweedy, Briscoe Boulder, CO
10/22/23 Wilco, Nina Nastasia Denver, CO
08/13/23 Ben Folds, Tall Heights Arvada, CO
07/21/23 Jeff Tweedy, Le Ren Boulder, CO
07/15/23 Max Gomez, Ordinary Elephant Boulder, CO


NBA games watched, by team (so total is doubled), last five seasons.

Last 5 years


Man about town

Sometimes I will remember to check in if we go somewhere.

Last 90 days



Things bookmarked on Pinboard.

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05/14/24 Pika is a pretty good blogging platform built by the good people at Good Enough.
04/15/24 Is This the End for 'Bluey'? The third-season episode ‘The Sign’ seems to point to an ending of sorts for ...
03/15/24 This Danish City is Giving Bikers the Green Light In a pilot program underway in Aarhus, Denmark, cyclists are given RFID tags ...
11/28/23 Nom Nom Nom. What’s the Deal With Cookie Monster’s Cookies? If you have ever wondered what the “Sesame Street” muppet is really eating, w...


More crap that's not as easily categorized.

10/05/16 Ringtones for phones
10/04/16 Wilco t-shirts DIY-style
09/01/15 Smartphone usage A Public Service Announcement
05/15/14 VH HQ shirt Reversing the VH logo