At the Movies

Sometimes we go to the movies. 3 times this year.

Once in a while we might hit a film festival.

Thumb 2x bullet train ver3 xlg
09/04/22 Bullet Train
02/20/22 Licorice Pizza
02/14/22 Dune
11/28/21 Beans
11/22/21 Dune
Thumb 2x gray man ver5
08/11/22 The Gray Man
08/06/22 The Gray Man
04/14/22 Zodiac
03/26/22 Okja
03/19/22 CODA


Occasionally I'll crack open a book.

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11/09/22 Crying in H Mart, Michelle Zauner
11/04/22 The Sentence, Louise Erdrich
10/31/22 Crossroads, Jonathan Franzen
10/26/22 Less (Arthur Less, #1), Andrew Sean Greer
10/19/22 The Secret History, Donna Tartt


Some dumb stuff I did or tried to do.

Records 2019 - Hef and I made each other listen to crap.
No More Chief - RG and I stopped calling each other "chief."


Now and then we'll stream some jams.

Last month

Last year


Once in awhile we'll watch a real live band.

09/14/22 Wilco, Margo Price Morrison, CO
04/24/22 Wilco, The Magnificent Strings Chicago, IL
03/15/22 Cuffed Up, Mélat, Walt Disco Austin, TX
09/07/21 Spoon, Nicole Atkins Boulder, CO
08/10/21 Wilco, Sleater-Kinney Morrison, CO


NBA games watched, by team (so total is doubled), last five seasons.

Last 5 years


Man about town

Sometimes I will remember to check in if we go somewhere.

Last 90 days



Things bookmarked on Pinboard.

08/15/22 The real reason American public transportation is such a disaster Canada has twice as much transit as the US. Why?
06/01/22 Bicycles Have Evolved. Have We? From the velocipede to the ten-speed, biking innovations brought riders freed...
05/26/22 The origins of the beloved democracy sausage? It's a long-time love affair Where did the (Australian) election staple, the democracy sausage, even come ...
04/17/20 Why Michael Jordan's scoring prowess still can't be touched Jordan thrived in ways and in places that few players before him could match,...
02/05/20 How to end traffic European cities offer a roadmap for life with fewer cars.


More crap that's not as easily categorized.

10/05/16 Ringtones for phones
10/04/16 Wilco t-shirts DIY-style
09/01/15 Smartphone usage A Public Service Announcement
05/15/14 VH HQ shirt Reversing the VH logo