More t-shirt construction.

Nels Is God

In tribute to Nels Cline, inspired by the Clapton graffito.

Coming down after @wilco thing in #utah.

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Aquarium & Japan

From 2009, based on lyrics to a couple of favorite songs. Uploaded some images...

...and a few weeks later, a couple shirts showed up in the mail.


Tweedy hometown: Bellevue. Wilco loft and HQ: Chicago. The only thing that bothers me is it took me this long to think of this.

Once that occurred to me, a t-shirt was a foregone conclusion.

Turns out I wasn't the first guy to think of it.

These things wear out eventually, so a red replacement was required later.

Other ideas

I found a nice vector image of a classic Chevy Nova, colored it black.

Not every idea can be pure gold.

Published on May 12, 2009 , updated on October 4, 2016